High Traffic Poker Sites

In today's market, only a handful of online poker sites can boast they have a high volume of players. Although there are a number of different networks available for players to choose from, only a small few have been able to attract, support and maintain high traffic games. These sites generally see 30,000 or more players during peak hours, with weekends nearly doubling in size. The high traffic poker sites offer an above average selection of game formats and you will find nearly all of them have cash games running from micro limits to super high stakes. This is what separates them from the medium to small sized poker rooms. Nobody likes to login and find the games empty and by choosing to play on a high traffic poker room, you can avoid any unnecessary delays. Below you will find a list of all of the high traffic poker sites currently available. We absolutely guarantee you will never have a problem finding a poker game or tournament on any of these sites.

Logo Poker Room USA Rating Bonus Amount Players
BetOnline Poker BetOnline Poker US Poker Site Star 25% Instant Bonus 8,000+
Juicy Stakes Poker Juicy Stakes Poker US Poker Site Star 100% up to $1100 11,000+

Advantages to Playing on High Traffic Poker Rooms

The biggest advantage by far for choosing a high traffic poker site over one of the small poker rooms is the high-volume poker room is consistently packed with players 24/7, allowing you to login at any time today and always find a game. Without fail these poker rooms host the absolute best tournaments you will find online. The competition can be fierce and the tournament may be insanely populated but the prize pools in most events are phenomenally higher than any other poker site online. Additionally if you are looking for a seat to a live event, such as the WSOP or EPT, the big poker rooms are defiantly necessary as they often send more players to land based tournaments than anyone else.