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Welcome to our contact page!  You are most likely here because you want to get in touch with the team at and we thank you for your interest in our site.  Please use the email shown below to direct your inquiry to our staff and we will strive to get back to you within 24 hours or less.  Also, please also make sure that you have read some of our policies below before contacting us as we simply do not have the time or desire to reply to those who've disregarded the way we choose to run our site.


Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Managers

On our site we list a small collection of different poker rooms that we promote to our visitors.  We have chosen these sites for a number of reasons and are quite happy with our current selection, however we are always open to adding new partners to the site.  That being said, we do have a few requirements in order for us to continue adding a new room to our listings - if your room does not meet all of these requirements please do not email us, we've listed them here for a reason and they are required.

  • Your poker room must have been in business for over 1 year (no exceptions)
  • There must be no outstanding payment issues (players or affiliates) at your site
  • You must offer something unique to players (promotions NOT big bonuses)
  • You can offer a competitive CPA deal (we are not interested in revenue share)
  • You respond to affiliate inquiries within 24 hours and actually read emails

If you can satisfy all those terms there's a good chance we'll be willing to work with you, please send us an email and we will be happy to discuss promoting your site.


We receive frequent requests from other webmasters regarding the sale of advertising on our website.  We do not sell any type of advertising on this website for SEO purposes or otherwise and these types of emails will be ignored.  Please do not contact us regarding advertising as we are not interested and will not respond to requests.


We offer a gambling directory of our site that lists some other high quality websites related to poker, casinos and gambling in general.  Although we allow people to contact us for exchange requests, more than 99% of the requests we receive are for garbage spam sites or 3 way link schemes.  Because of this and the amount of this type of email we receive, we may not respond to your link requests.  That being said, if you offer a valuable site and are interested in a genuine partnership, please shoot us an email and we'll definitely talk about listing you site in our gambling directories.

Poker Room Support

We provide reviews and listings of a number of poker websites on this site, however we have no influence over the sites or their respective support.  Please do not contact us over issues with the poker rooms themselves, instead please use the support emails listed below to get in touch with the sites listed on

Full Tilt Poker -
Party Poker -
PokerStars -
Ultimate Bet -
Absolute Poker -
Aced Poker -
Titan Poker -
Bodog Poker -
PKR Poker -
Pacific Poker -
Sky Poker -
Betfair Poker -
William Hill -