3D Poker Sites

With online poker sites putting forth substantial effort to define them or set them apart from every other poker site on the internet, poker rooms take a wide variety of approaches to do so. Some poker rooms sign big name professional poker players, while other poker rooms throw big money into things such as VIP schemes or deposit bonuses. Still, some poker sites set themselves apart through their poker room’s software. A few poker sites have gone so far as to design their poker rooms to have a 3 dimensional look and feel to it.

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3D Poker Site Features and Software

Three dimensional or 3D poker sites provide a visually stimulating look to their poker room. These 3D poker sites feature realistic looking avatars that represent the poker player. Players are often able to customize the appearance of their avatars to give them a more personal appearance. Players can choose from features such as clothing, footwear and jewelry, as well as choose the gender or color of hair. Players can even select the height and weight of their player avatars. A poker player can give their player facial hair and even choose the style of mustache or beard their player wears. The player is in total control of the appearance of his avatar on these 3D poker sites.

In addition to customizing the look of the poker player, some 3D poker sites allow players to change their mannerisms while they are in the poker hand. A player can choose to have his character appear and act nervous, or excited. Players can even make their character avatars appear as if they are on tilt. The flexibility provided in customizing and giving your character avatar a personality on 3D poker sites is virtually unlimited.

When playing on 3D poker sites, players can additionally change the perspective or point of view in which they see the action on their monitor. Players can choose to look at their 3D poker table from a first person perspective, which allows the player to view action as if they were sitting at the table themselves. With the move of the mouse, a player can change the view of the poker table so they are seeing it from above. Additionally, players may view the table from a wider angle, providing a view as if one is entering the poker room. Players clearly can view the table whichever way they see fit on these feature-rich 3D poker sites.

In addition to selecting the point of view of the player, as well as the character avatar on 3D poker sites, players may also choose the environment in which they play! Many of the 3D poker sites allow players to choose from plain casino locations or they can give their room the look and feel of an exotic location - be it on a cruise ship or an exotic island. Players can even choose from playing in a home setting or inside a television studio - just as they see when watching poker on TV!

3D Poker Site Game Selection
While many 3D poker sites go wild on software features, they offer many of the same poker games that can be found on more traditional poker sites. On 3D poker sites, players can play Texas Holdem cash games and tournaments, as well as Sit and Go tournaments. Some 3D poker sites offer Omaha and even Razz. Additionally, players can often take a break from poker games and play casino games in 3D on the 3D poker sites.

Deposit Options at 3D Poker Sites
Poker players may deposit to 3D poker sites in similar fashion to how they would deposit at any other poker site. Most 3D poker sites accept debit cards such as the Solo card, as well as Maestro, or Visa debit cards. In addition, credit cards both traditional in nature and prepaid are widely accepted for deposit and play at 3D poker sites. Poker players can often utilize means such as wire transfers to and from their bank accounts, and can deposit using e-wallets such as PayPal or NETeller.

While the look and feel of 3D poker sites provides a more personal and realistic look and feel, 3D poker sites offer the same games and incentives for playing poker. 3D poker sites focus on the design and player experience, while providing online poker games. This attention to detail sets 3D poker sites apart from the rest!