Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow, who is known as “The Mouth” is a famous professional poker player that has earned his way as one of the best known and most talented all around poker players on the planet. He has earned millions of dollars playing in the highest stakes poker games, including cash games and tournaments.

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Life always wasn't so easy for “The Mouth”. Mike grew up very poor and first started making money for himself as a professional poker dealer. While dealing, Mike learned poker and began his own career as a poker player. His talents shined right away, as he had a natural instinct for knowing what cards his opponents were holding and he quickly made lots of money. However, after starting his poker career Mike Matusow also ran into drugs. Mike Matusow often would make a great deal of money and then lose it due to his crazy lifestyle filled with drugs, women (Especially ecstasy and crystal meth) and excessive partying. Mike went years of giving up drugs and then falling off the wagon. This trend went on for years until Mike finally ended up in jail after being convicted of selling drugs. Mike did his time in jail and came out a new man. He gave up drugs and concentrated on his greatest skills, his poker game.

In terms of his poker game, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow earned his name by his exploits at the poker tables. He would often talk excessively while playing and even poker fun at his opponents. This played to his advantage many times, but Mike Matusow also had a bad side at the poker table. Mike was known for playing days of great tournament poker, just to “Blow Up” in a few minutes and give away all his chips. These blow ups were during his days of drugs and he tends to stay cool at the poker tables presently, but he still is remembered for his tantrums and blow ups at the tables.

Despite his blow ups, Mike Matusow has had great success in poker, especially the World Series of Poker. All together, Mike Matusow has earned himself 3 World Series of Poker bracelets. In 1999 he won his first bracelet in a $3.5k buy in No Limit Hold Em event for over a quarter million dollars. He won his second bracelet in 2002 after winning a $5k buy in Omaha 8 Or Better event for about $150k. His latest bracelet was in 2008, when winning the 2-7 Triple Draw Event for over half a million dollars. Even more amazing is that Mike Matusow has made the final table of the World Series of Poker No Limit Hold Em Main Event twice, earning a cool $1 Million in 2005 for his 9th place finish and over $100k for his 6th place finish in 2001.

This accomplishment is still considered to be one of the greatest in poker history. However, according to Mike Matusow himself, his greatest victory in any poker tournament came in 2005 when he won the Tournament of Champions, where the 25 best players of the year play a tournament where only first place wins money, in the amount of $1 Million. Mike Matusow beat out the greatest 24 poker players on the planet, only a few months after getting our of jail. The following year Mike came in 3rd in the same event for another quarter million.

Mike's life has been a bumpy ride, but he has overcome the hardships and is still loved by the poker community for his outgoing personality and great natural poker talent.