Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is known as “The Poker Brat”. He has earned this nickname in the poker community for acting a bit like a baby when he loses hands. After losing certain hands in tournament play, Phil Hellmuth has been known to berate his opponents by calling them names. Although he may act like a baby and is not the most graceful loser, Phil Hellmuth is not only the most successful World Series of Poker player of all time with a record 11 bracelets, but he is arguably the best No Limit Hold Em player of all time.

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Phil Hellmuth is only 45 years old and already holds the world record of 11 WSOP bracelets. Hellmuth started his bracelet hunt in 1989 by winning “The Big One”, the No Limit Hold Em World Championship with a $10k buy in. For winning that tournament Hellmuth won Three Quarters of a million dollars. He won his 2nd bracelet in 1992 by winning a $5k Limit Hold Em event for $170k. He then tied a record in 1993 by winning 3 bracelets in one WSOP year. He won a $1.5k buy in No Limit Hold Em event, a $2.5k No Limit Hold Em event and a $5k Limit Hold Em event.

Those 3 events earned Hellmuth a little under half a million dollars. In 1997, Hellmuth earned his 6th bracelet in a $3k Pot Limit Hold Em event for $200k and earned bracelet number 7 4 years later in 2001 by winning a $2k No Limit Hold Em event for $300k. In 2003 Hellmuth won bracelets number 8 and 9 by winning a $2.5k buy in Limit Hold Em event for $170k and a $3k No Limit Hold Em event for $400k. Bracelet number 10 was won in 2006 when Hellmuth won a $1 buy in with rebuys event with a first place prize of $630k. This bracelet tied Hellmuth for the WSOP bracelet record with Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson. Hellmuth went on to break the WSOP bracelet record in 2007 when he won a $1.5k buy in No Limit Hold Em event for $637k. All together, Phil Hellmuth has won over $6 Million dollars in the World Series of Poker alone.

Phil Hellmuth has experienced tournament success in other venues as well. Phil Hellmuth has won “Poker After Dark” twice for $100k each. Phil Hellmuth has also had success in the World Poker Tour by making 3 final tables and winning nearly $700k combined. The first ever National Heads UP Championship was also won by Hellmuth for a cool quarter million dollars.

Currently, Phil Hellmuth is the head of the online poker site Ultimate Bet along with fellow professional poker player Annie Duke. Phil Hellmuth is also a successful author by writing many poker books such as “Bad Beats and Lucky Draw”, “Play Like the Pros” and many others. Phil Hellmuth always likes to be in the spotlight by making grand entrances to big events. He often enters WSOP events dressed as characters such as Julius Caesar, an Army Marine and a race car driver, each time being escorted by a group of beautiful women.

Despite his love for the spotlight and his bad manners at the poker table, it cannot be argued that Phil Hellmuth is possibly the most successful tournament player of all time. In his career so far, Phil has already earned over $10 Million and he still has many, many years in front of him. There is no telling how much more success Phil Hellmuth will obtain in years to come.