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Poker TournamentsWelcome to the online poker tournaments section of our website which provides our visitors with listings, reviews and details of major poker tournaments that are offered at a number of online poker rooms.  Playing in poker tournaments has become one of the most popular aspects of online poker since they offer great value to players with small buy-ins and the chance to win some serious money.  With the development of the online poker industry, poker tournaments have evolved rapidly and some of the industries leading sites now offer a huge range of tournaments including guarantees, freerolls and satellites to some of the world's most prestigious live poker events.  On this page you will find a breakdown of the different tournament types offered both on and offline, as well as recommendations on what some of the best poker tournaments are to play plus information on how to qualify for various world events.

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Major Live Tournaments

Around the world there are tons of live poker tournaments offering prize pools that often exceed tens of millions of dollars.  From the WPT to the WSOP and EPT, live poker events have taken the poker world by storm and are available in every continent across the globe.  In this section you will find information on some of the most notable live poker tournaments worldwide including pertinent details such as location, buy-ins, schedule as well as prize payouts for participants in each different event.

WSOPThe World Series of Poker is the largest live poker event in the world and each year attracts thousands of players to Las Vegas, Nevada.  This series features over 50 events and pays out hundreds of millions in prize money.
WPTThe World Poker Tour was the first major series of live poker tournaments to gain notoriety in during the poker boom.  The WPT features a number of prestigious events held around the world with the finals at the Bellagio.
EPTThe European Poker Tour was introduced over 5 years ago and has become incredibly popular with players.  The EPT tournament series hits lots of cities across Europe culminating in a grand finale held in Monte Carlo.
APPTThe Asia Pacific Poker Tour is a relatively new event founded by PokerStars that focuses primarily on major cities throughout the Asian market.  This tournament features a series of events with some really great prize pools.
LAPTThe Latin American Poker Tour hosts a series of events throughout countires cities in South America including Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay and many more.  This tournament features a number of lower buy-in events.
RPTThe Russian Poker Tour is a brand new event from that is set to take place each year with various dates across the Russian country.  This tournament series hits cities like Moscow & St. Petersburg and others.
CSPTThe Czech-Slovak Poker Tour is part of the EPT line-up and features some great events in cities like Prague, Ostrava, Brno and Bratislava.  It kicks off this June with the first tournament being held in Prague, Czech Republic.
IPTThe Italian Poker Tour is the newest poker tour in the market direct from the team at  This event features a number of high profile poker tournaments hitting a ton of different major cities across Italy.
PCAThe PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the absolute best crossover tournaments (online - live) in the world.  This tournament is held each year at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas and awards millions in prize money.
Aussie MillionsThe Aussie Millions is arguably the most prestigious poker tournament for Australian poker players and is played each year at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, featuring a number of great events with even bigger prizes.

Online Tournaments

In addition to the wide selection of live poker tournaments offered to players, online poker sites have really raised the bar over the last few years and now you can find tons of online poker tournaments that offer similar prizes to their live based counterparts.  In this section we showcase some of the best online tournaments in the market and give you details on which sites they are offered, how to qualify for entry plus payout info.  You will find details on tournaments such as the PokerStars Sunday $1.5 Million, Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guaranteed, Titan Poker $250,000 Guaranteed plus many more online events awarding millions of dollars in prizes to players each week.

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Types of Tournaments

With so many live and online poker tournaments out there for players, it can be useful to know what the different types of tournaments are in the market.  Below we have listed a number of the more popular forms of poker tournaments to provide our visitors with an understanding of what each type means in terms of how they are played by players.

Multi-Table Tournament - A Multi-Table poker tournament features a number of tables usually of 6 or 9 players who each compete at their specified table during the game.  As players start to get eliminated, the tables are merged together until one final table is remaining in the tournament.  This final table then competes for the top prize payouts and the winner of the final table is declared the overall champion of the tournament.  Multi-table tournaments (also called MTT's) are available at all online poker sites are are also the preferred structure for some of the world's biggest live events including the WSOP, WPT, EPT and many more.  For example the Main Event at the World Series of Poker is the largest MTT in the world and usually attracts between 6,000 - 8,000 players who compete in a 2 week series all vying for a first place prize of over $8,000,000 cash.

Sit N Go Tournament - Sit N Go poker tournaments gained their notoriety in large part due to their popularity at online poker sites.  With Sit N Go tournaments, the concept is simple -  a one table tournament with fixed prizes for usually the top 3 players.  Sit N Go tournaments can be structured with 6 or 9 players and it's basically like playing at a final table since yours is the only table in the tournament.  The advantage of these types of poker tournaments are they are faster and easier to win than MTT's however when comparing the prize payouts you will find that MTT's offer substantially larger payouts.

Re-Buy Tournament - In a Re-Buy poker tournament players have the option of playing again should they bust out of the tournament early.  With Re-Buys, the player is allotted a specified timeframe in which they are allows to re-enter the tournament if they are knocked out.  Some Re-Buys also offer what is known as an Add-On period usually at the first break where players can add chips to their stack for an additional small fee.  Some players like Re-Buys since they are usually create a ton of action at the tables and offer the chance to get back in should things go bad, however they are also unpopular with other players who believe that once knocked out players should not be allowed to get back in.  Luckily the choice is yours at most sites since Re-Buy tournaments will be clearly marked from within the poker software, leaving the decision up to you whether to play.

Heads Up Tournament -  As the name suggests, Heads Up Poker Tournaments are played only between two players, who compete for first place in the match.  Only one of the two players can win in this type of tournament and usually both players put up an equal buy-in which is given solely to the winner of the match.  Heads Up tournaments require a special skill set to be good at since they involve immense concentration and the ability to read your opponents well.  That being said, they are often a great starting point for newer players who are looking to learn the game and practice their strategy.

ShoutOut Tournaments - ShoutOut Tournaments were introduced entirely by the online poker world and are a great way of combining both Multi-Table and Sit N Go tournament elements.  With Shootouts, there will be a maximum number of players who are allowed to enter the tournament, say for example 81 forming nine 9 person tables.  The way it works is that each table plays until 1 players is remaining and then each first place player from each table forms the final table of 9 who compete for the top prize.  The cool thing about these tournaments is that you only need to win one table to make it to the final table.  Some sites like PokerStars also offer double and triple shootout events which are usually offered to qualify for major tournaments with high buy-ins and entry fees.

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